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40 More Hottest Newswomen in America

Earlier we brought you 15 Hottest Newswomen in America, but as many of our readers pointed out, we missed quite a few gorgeous ladies. So this time, we’re hitting all the marks, and we’ve pulled out all the stops. Here are 40 of America’s Hottest Newswomen — watching the news is seriously becoming enjoyable these days.

Satcha Pretto

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Satcha Pretto, now flirting with 30, has led a fast track career in journalism — starting in high school back in Honduras. She moved to the US shortly afterward to study in San Angelo, Texas, and later snagged her first real TV gig in Odessa as a late-night reporter for local KTLE-Telemundo. She moved onward and upward from there, moving to Dallas to work with a Univision affiliate until she made enough of an impression on enough people to get picked up for the real deal. She’s now an Emmy Award-winner and currently co-hosts Univision’s Primer Impacto: Fin de Semana.

Chera Kimiko

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Tulsa, Oklahoma Fox News local anchor Chera Kimiko has won several awards in journalism, and one of the two time-slots she anchors for has been Emmy-nominated twice. She’s a jack of all trades, having worked both radio and TV news while occasionally writing columns for print news as well, and she’s been just about everywhere. She’s worked in Colorado, California, Nevada, Arizona, and most recently, Oklahoma. Before any of that, she studied in England

Poppy Harlow

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Surprisingly young Poppy Harlow (born Katherine Julia Harlow — we have no idea where Poppy came from) has gone far in the news business in just a few short years. She’s only 27, but while majoring in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies at Columbia, she snagged an internship at CBS. She moved quickly through the ranks there until graduation, when she got a job working a local New York news station. She must have made some impressions there, because it wasn’t long before picked her up. Her job there helped her snag an even better job working for CNN Money in 2008, where she’s been ever since.

Sharon Tay

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Sharon Tay moved to the US from Singapore when she was only seven, only to move to the Philippines a few short years later. When she finally moved back to the US again, toward the end of high school, it was for good. She went to Boston University where she majored in Broadcast Journalism, and moved on from there to work in California before getting picked up by MSNBC. She anchored and co-hosted two shows there before leaving and now works at a local station in LA.

Jenna Lee

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A San Francisco native, Jenna moved on after graduating from UC Santa Barbara to get her Master’s at Columbia. While in New York, she hooked up with, which gave her a platform to wrangle a job on Fox Business News, where she’s been ever since. She routinely appears on other networks and shows as a contributor, including Inside Edition and Sky News in the UK. Her good looks help make what has traditionally been one of the most boring segments of news a pleasure, and Fox is well aware of the fact. 

Patti Ann Browne

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Patti Ann Browne currently has the unfortunate task of working the regular headline updates during Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News. When she’s not doing headline updates, she plays Johnny on the spot to any number of shows on Fox’s schedule, taking anchor’s chair when needed. Everyone’s favorite job of Patti’s is her regular appearances on Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye, where she can let loose and wear whatever she wants

Rebecca Jarvis

Image Source
Rebecca Jarvis graduated from the University of Chicago and was a finalist on The Apprentice in season 4, narrowly losing at the last minute. She worked for CNBC until just recently and could be working for CBS once her contract is up. Donald Trump got a little testy when he noticed that she didn’t include her time spent on The Apprentice in her CNBC bio. It still isn’t there.

Jodi Applegate

Image Source
Jody Applegate graduated NYU with a degree in film, and tried her hand at acting for a short time before taking a job at Good Morning Arizona, on Phoenix station KTVK. Originally from Pittsburg, she slowly made her way back east, first to Boston after working a short while for MSNBC, then to New York, where she’s worked for several stations and shows. She now co-anchors for local News 12 Long Island.

Ciara Coyle

Ciara Coyle majored in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Oregon, but she was born and raised in San Francisco. At the end of her time at the university, she got a job in Eugene, working for an NBC affiliate. That’s where her career in journalism got its kick-start. She moved on to work in Reno, Nevada, where she ended up taking a news-hiatus after only a couple of years, and took a job working public-relations for a casino. After a few years of that, she wound up returning to journalism, and moved to Palm Springs, California, where she works today with another NBC affiliate, KMIR-6.

Alexis Glick

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Sultry Alexis Glick worked for NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC after spending some time as an analyst at Goldman Sachs. She’s a Columbia graduate and native New Yorker. She got picked up by Fox Business News in 2007 and hosted the very same show that her fellow Money Honey, Jenna Lee, began her career in. Just recently, Glick announced that she was leaving Fox, but not where she’s going next. 

Christina Park

Image Source
Now working at WNYW Fox-5 in New York, Christina Park graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Neuroscience. She started off her career in journalism as a staffer at CNN in the Medical & Health department, and even spent some time anchoring for CNN Headline News

Susan Hendricks

Image Source
It seems there’s just something about Palm Springs, California local news station KMIR. Ciara Coyle isn’t the only lady on this list to find an audience there; Susan Hendricks anchored mornings there for a few years before she got picked up by CNN and moved to Atlanta. She’s originally a Jersey girl, but she went to college out in Arizona, and got her start in television with Comcast in LA. 

Nineveh Dinha

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Nineveh Dinha started off her career in Yuma, Arizona at KYMA and before that, got her degree in Broadcast Journalism in California. She’s Assyrian by descent but was born in Sweden, and though most of her family is in Europe she decided to stay out west. She now works in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has even won an Edward R. Murrow Award for her work. That is, in fact, a kangaroo in the picture.

Carmen Dominicci

Image Source
One of several among Univision’s luscious ladies, Carmen Dominicci was a model, pageant queen and telenovela actress from Puerto Rico before she gave it all up to pursue journalism. She’s both an Emmy and Ace Award-winner, and she’s won a number of others as well. You can catch her these days on any number of time-slots, in Univision’s Primer Impacto — she’s often the weekend vixen.

Norah O’Donnell

Image Source
Born in D.C., Norah O’Donnell went to high school in Texas and then went back east to study at Georgetown, where she got her Master’s in International Affairs. She’s now an Emmy Award-winner and Chief D.C. Correspondent for MSNBC. She huge in all the NBC channels, though, and has worked Dateline, The Today Show, Hardball, and Weekend Today, among others.

Michelle Valles

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Now a host and anchor for Austin local CBS affiliate KEYE, Michelle Valles got her start in El Paso at KTSM-TV. She covered numerous national-level stories while there, but took a job in Austin at KXAN, where she picked up several awards. 

Molly Line

Image Source
Molly Line is now a correspondent for Fox News, but she’s been hopping around the east coast ever since graduating from Virginia Tech. She got her start in Bridgeport, West Virginia as a camera jockey and field-reporter, but soon moved to Albany, New York where she started anchoring. She then moved on to Boston, where she worked for a local Fox News affiliate, and from there she worked her way into the main office where she’s been since. 

Lucy Noland

Image Source
Born in Saigon, Lucy Noland wound up finding work as an intern for a local Fairbanks, Alaska news station while studying at the university. She moved from Alaska to California after some time and worked for a couple of ABC affiliates, only to wind up getting hired on with CBS. She didn’t stop hopping there, either, as she left CBS to work for a Fox News affiliate in Detroit. From there she went to New York, still working under the Fox umbrella, but today we find her at another CBS affiliate in Houston, Texas. This girl travels.

Becky Quick

Image Source
Becky Quick, or Rebecca to the guys in payroll, went into print-news after graduating from Rutgers, and even wrote for The Wall Street Journal. She got picked up by CNBC after a while and worked her way up to becoming co-anchor for The Squawk Box, and is a regular on Fast Money as well.

Bianna Golodryga

Image Source
Bianna Golodryga started off covering the New York Stock Exchange for CNBC back in 2001, moving on to produce The Wall Street Journal Report three years later. From there she moved on anchor all the financial reports for national NBC affiliates. She’s worked a slew of programs for the network since, and she can be found most frequently now on Good Morning America.

Lara Logan

Image Source
Lara Logan is currently the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for CBS, and also works as a correspondent for 60 Minutes. Her biggest claim to fame is as a war reporter; when the war in Afghanistan broke out, she got in-country and interviewed the forces of the Afghan Northern Alliance while they were fighting the Taliban.

Kerri Lee Halkett

Image Source
Twice Emmy Award-winner and all-around beautiful Kerri Lee Halkett anchors for Fox 29 out in Philadelphia, but she’s actually Canadian-born and went to school in Arizona. She’s worked for several stations in several major cities, including Tuscon, D.C. and Boston. 

Campbell Brown

Image Source
Campbell Brown now anchors for CNN, but has worked in the past for NBC and even won an Emmy while covering Katrina for them. She’s the daughter of a Louisiana State Senator and went to school in her home state, but spent a year teaching English in Eastern Europe before returning to pursue her career in journalism. 

Evelyn Taft

Image Source
Gorgeous Russian Evelyn Taft was born and raised in San Francisco, and learned English by watching The Weather Channel — which inspired her throughout her life. After graduating from the University of Southern California, she worked for news stations along the central California Coast for a while until San Francisco-based KRON picked her up, and she’s been there ever since.

Julie Banderas

Image Source
A Boston native, Julie Banderas got her start in journalism in her hometown, but bounced around the East Coast for a while before landing her current job at Fox News. She was born Julie Bidwell, but later began using Banderas as she’s half Colombian. She’s yet another lovely lady that frequents Fox’s Red Eye, which is when we see her at her best. She’s a pescetarian, meaning she pretty much only eats fish, but we don’t hold that against her.

Kiran Chetry

Image Source
Kiran Chetry has been listed numerous times as one of the world’s sexiest news anchors, and she hasn’t lost her touch, either. She was born in Nepal and studied at the University of Maryland, near where she grew up after moving to the States. She started off in journalism at a local station, nearby in Maryland but quickly moved to Pennsylvania, where she began anchoring. She’s since worked several jobs for Fox News and now anchors for CNN’s American Morning.

Michelle Gielan

Image Source
Michelle Gielan started off as a software engineer, but made the move into broadcast journalism in 2003 when she got a job working for LA news station. She went from there to El Paso and later moved on to WFLD-TV in Chicago. She got picked up by CBS in 2008 and can be seen now on CBS Morning News.

Amy Robach

Image Source
Amy Robach, and her legs, can be seen on NBC’s Today show and often on their Saturday reports. She started working for MSNBC back in 2003, but before her career in journalism she studied at the University of Georgia and was even a runner-up in a Miss Georgia pageant.

Megyn Kelly

Image Source
Now one of Fox News’ many beautiful women, Megyn Kelly didn’t start out in journalism. She was originally a lawyer working in New York, but left it all behind to take a job working for an ABC affiliate in D.C., which acted a springboard for her eventual move to Fox. She now co-hosts America’s Newsroom, and will soon host Megyn’s Court, similar to her previous show, Kelly’s Court.

Ines Sainz

Image Source
TV Azteca isn’t stupid; when it comes to getting sidelines interviews, few are as capable as Ines Sainz. She’s the sideline sports reporter that may work for an underdog news channel, but still manages to be world-renowned for simply being gorgeous. She’s also known for an after-game round of flirting with Terrell Owens that other networks, who were unable to secure an interview with the guy themselves, recorded from afar.

Mary Beth McDade

Image Source
Southern California hottie Mary Beth McDade actually earned her stripes in New York City, where she went to school and had her first starts in journalism. She moved across the country to Los Angeles much later where she bounced around from station to station until settling with KTLA, where she’s been ever since. She often anchors with Sharon Tay — that’s an enjoyable news hour.

Liz Cho

Image Source
WABC-TV Eyewitness News reporter and anchor Liz Cho has made quite a name for herself, and was even named one of People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in 2003. Before working for the New York station that she’s seen on today, she worked for assorted other ABC News affiliates, and even spent some time on Good Morning America.

Christie Paul

Image Source
Christie Paul is one of CNN Headline News’ premiere anchors, and came onboard with the network in 2003 after working with CNN affiliate KTVK in Phoenix. Before that, she was an anchor and reporter for NBC affiliate KTVB in Boise, Idaho.

Tamron Hall

Image Source
Tamron Hall can be found entrancing audiences everywhere on MSNBC anchoring throughout the day. Prior to that, she spent ten years anchoring and reporting for WFLD-TV in Chicago, and before that she spent some time in Dallas reporting for KTVT.

Jackie Guerrido

Image Source
Ridiculously hot Jackie Guerrido is yet another gorgeous Puerto Rican newscaster working for Univision, and can be seen routinely on Primer Impacto. She studied meteorology at the University of Miami and journalism at the University of Florida. 

Betty Nguyen

Image Source
Though born in Saigon, Betty Nguyen was moved to the US when she was just a baby and grew up fully Texan. She went to school at the University of Texas at Austin, and she’s on of Maxim’s ten hottest newswomen of 2008. She can be found regularly on multiple time-slots at CNN, where she co-anchors for CNN Saturday Morning, CNN Sunday Morning, and CNN Newsroom.

Alycia Lane

Image Source
Alycia Lane has had her share of experience working for several television news stations, but her biggest claim to fame is drama. First, a number of pictures of her in a bikini that somehow wound up in the email inbox of a man who happened to be married at the time he received them. The scandal grew into something huge since the guy was Rich Eisen of the NFL. Later, she got into a fight with a female cop (while drunk), and then was fired from the Philadelphia station she was working at. Even bigger than that, it was later found out that a co-worker had been snooping her inbox for years, and stealing information to get the jump on stories ahead of her. He was fired and arrested, then brought up on federal charges.

Erin Burnett

Image Source
Erin Burnett is one of the sweethearts of the financial sector, and can be found on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street and Street Signs. She started off as an analyst for Goldman Sachs, and she worked for a time for CNN before moving on to CNBC, where she’s worked on a slew of shows that fit her expertise.

Jillian Barberie

Image Source
Jillian Barberie isn’t just known for her diet commercials and her bikini choices; she also spends a great deal of time on Fox Sports and can be seen regularly on Good Day LA

Nicole Lapin

Image Source
Nicole Lapin, probably the youngest woman on this list at only 25, is also probably the most stunningly beautiful. She’s an anchor for CNN Live (their online newscast), but she’s appeared on all other iterations of CNN newscasts as well. She’s from LA and her mom’s a former Miss Israel, and to top it all off she started going to Harvard when she was only 15. This girl is easily better than all of us.
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